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It is Important to Figure out What You Want to Do Very Early on

Once I finally understood that I wanted to pursue a degree in engineering, I felt such a heavy weight lifted from my shoulders. I wrestled for quite a bit of time with figuring out what my major should be in. I’m in my third year of schooling now, and I’m really enjoying it. Just yesterday, I watched a Civil 3D tutorial to learn how to use software that I may be using in whatever job I land in the future. I found it fascinating. I hope that I continue to feel this way after I do get a full time job after graduation.

I had heard countless horror stories from other students that they knew what they wanted to major in as soon as they started college. Continue reading

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Finding the Perfect Home for Us

When my husband decided to start his own business nearly six years ago, neither one of us could have imagined where we would be today. We figured that he had a good idea that would be successful, but we were only imagining moderate success. We were not expecting to go from having a large amount of debt to becoming millionaires. We have given a lot back because we have been so blessed, but we finally decided to do something for us too. I looked at some Pebble Beach homes for sale when we decided that it was time to upgrade our home.

My husband has always wanted to give me the home of my dreams, and it was almost too hard to believe all of the options open to us now. When he suggested that I look at the Pebble Beach area, I knew that this was real and that I didn’t have to pinch myself. Continue reading

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Making Sure Their Workers Are Protected

The United States military has members in a number of different countries. Sometimes, they require assistance that does not come through the military itself. There are American corporations who will send workers overseas to help the military on their bases. These can be laborers for construction, electricians, computer experts, medical personnel and a number of others as well. Just because they are helping out on a military base does not mean they get military benefits though. When a corporation sends someone overseas, it is their responsibility to make sure that the person has Defense Base Act insurance. Continue reading

Why We Needed an Industrial Floor Scale

My husband and I started a recycling business nearly eight years ago. We were taking all of our scrap metal to the closest recycling center, which was an hour away. We live in an area where a lot of people do this, so we figured that we could get in on the action ourselves. We definitely had the property for it, since we have over 300 acres on our farm. We did have to buy some industrial floor scales because several of our customers bring in pallets of car batteries to be recycled for the lead in them.

Since each car battery can weight over 50 pounds, we knew that we would need an industrial scale to measure an accurate weight. I did some research online, and that is how I found 1800scales.com. This company has scales for any situation, including the industrial ones that we needed. We had talked to several people in the area before doing this, and we also talked with some environmentalists, because we knew that this was a huge undertaking. Continue reading