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Our Telepresence Makes Our Employees Well Informed of All Changes in Our Corporate Environment

We built our corporation one piece at a time. We bought out a couple of companies and integrated them into our business too. We have facilities in four states and about 1,500 employees. In each place there was a mix of technologies for teleconferencing and holding meetings and training workshops. We had to hire AV system integration services to bring everything together. We wanted pretty much a one button approach to having our meetings and training be held live and online as hosted from our corporate headquarters where our main Human Resources department is located.

We have to maintain annual training certifications for all employees. Plus, we have ongoing product and consumer updates that need to roll out to every department from research and development to our customer service center employees. Continue reading

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Nice Apartments Located in Cordova

I am really excited about the fact that I am going to be living in a nice apartment soon. Well, I actually have to find an apartment before that can happen. But I have a great new job at my company, which came with a huge raise and bonus. So I am moving out of my current apartment and I need to look for nice apartments in Cordova TN because I am definitely going to upgrade to a better apartment.

I really can’t imagine living in this type of apartment for any longer with the amount of money that I am going to be making in just a few weeks. I can afford something much better, and I thought about buying a house, but I really do not want to take on all of the responsibility that comes with owning a house. I know that ti is a good investment, but right now, I just want to stay in an apartment.

But I will need to look at nice apartments in the area, and hopefully I can find one that is very spacious and which offers a lot of amenities for its tenants. For example, I want to make sure that I rent my apartment from a place that has a state of the art gym and other things like that. I really like places that have nice gyms. My current apartment does not even have a gym at all. So it will be really nice to move into a place that has one. I had one at the last place I lived, and even though it was not a very good gym, I used it on a daily basis. So if I had an apartment that had a really nice gym, I am sure I would really enjoy it.

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Lost Roommate and Found Apartment

I used to have a roommate at my old apartment, but he met a woman and got married to her. They decided that they should buy a new home and start a life there, which was fine, but it left me with a bit of a problem. Since my roommate was moving out, I had to pay the rent on my own, and it was too much for me to afford. I moved out of that apartment and looked for an apartment for rent in Cordova Tn. I needed something that was a little closer to my income bracket. I didn’t really care how far it was from the apartment I had with my roommate, as long as I could get to work at a reasonable time.

I did some searching around on the Internet, and narrowed down the results to a few apartments that I thought were good candidates. Continue reading

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Making Sure Their Workers Are Protected

The United States military has members in a number of different countries. Sometimes, they require assistance that does not come through the military itself. There are American corporations who will send workers overseas to help the military on their bases. These can be laborers for construction, electricians, computer experts, medical personnel and a number of others as well. Just because they are helping out on a military base does not mean they get military benefits though. When a corporation sends someone overseas, it is their responsibility to make sure that the person has Defense Base Act insurance. Continue reading

A Space of My Own is Exactly What I Needed

I love my kids and wife, but I really need my time away to refuel at times. Being an introvert will do that to you. You can like people as much as you want, but the interaction does a number on you and wears you down quickly. So, I told my wife that I really wanted a man cave. She suggested that I use our guest bedroom. I wanted to set it up with some cheap gaming chairs and all my video games. I wanted it to be a room full of things that I really like best, and I really needed the room to be “hands off” to the rest of the family for the most part. Everyone agreed that dad needs some space, and my wife was happy to help me get it all set up.

I met my wife while playing games years ago. Continue reading