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We Need a Carbon Neutral Environment

Bill Gates has a lot of money and power. So when he gives the American public a wake-up call, as he recently did, people listen. In February, Gates announced that his top priority is getting the world to zero climate emissions. The way to achieve this objective: create a global society that uses only climate-neutral energy. That’s a pretty tall order. This is why electricity providers in Texas have been doing what they can to help create a carbon neutral environment.

Gates promised to use his philanthropic foundation to improve public health and help alleviate poverty, and news reports say that it’s precisely because he wants to improve the lives of vulnerable people that he believes climate change is the most important challenge for the world to address. In his speech, he said we need to eliminate carbon emissions and achieve no net emissions in the developed world by the year 2050. Continue reading

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How Much Does a Home Automation System Cost You?

I have been thinking about my budget and what I can afford. Most of all I am looking at ways in which I can save money and I have been trying to figure out how much money you save from getting a home automation system. The theory behind these systems is that you use it to control your power consumption and you save money from it. However I am not really sure how much you can cut your power bill and whether it is worth it. For example the system ADT sells is called Pulse and they advertise it for right at 28 dollars a month. I am not really sure if that is like a car payment or if it is monthly monitoring fee. That makes sense when you are talking about a home security system. Continue reading