A Space of My Own is Exactly What I Needed

I love my kids and wife, but I really need my time away to refuel at times. Being an introvert will do that to you. You can like people as much as you want, but the interaction does a number on you and wears you down quickly. So, I told my wife that I really wanted a man cave. She suggested that I use our guest bedroom. I wanted to set it up with some cheap gaming chairs and all my video games. I wanted it to be a room full of things that I really like best, and I really needed the room to be “hands off” to the rest of the family for the most part. Everyone agreed that dad needs some space, and my wife was happy to help me get it all set up.

I met my wife while playing games years ago. We played a game back then that allowed players to meet in a forum, then connect through the server and play right alongside each other virtually. She was pretty good at playing, and we soon became fast friends. Over time we became really close. Then we graduated to talking over the phone. We hit it off even better while talking to one another on the phone. We talked for hours on end just about every night. Soon, we forgot about the game and just focus on getting to know one another. After that, we decided to meet in person and become exclusive. She’s a fantastic supporter.

My wife thinks it’s funny that I need downtime without any other humans around, but she humors me. We went online and found some gaming furniture. When it arrived, I was pretty impressed. For the low cost, I received some really nice stuff. I ended up buying some more for the kids to use in the living room so that they would not feel left out.

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