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3 Amazing St Lucia All Inclusive Resorts

Quite possibly one of the prettiest islands in the Caribbean is the small island of St. Lucia located just south of the French island Martinique. St. Lucia also has a French creole heritage that you can experience for yourself when you come to visit. When you do choose to visit this beautiful island paradise choosing a St. Lucia all inclusive package may be the best way to go.

st lucia all inclusiveAll inclusive holidays take the stress out of your time on the island because everything is already paid for. There’s no need to worry about tips or budgeting your money; just eat drink and be merry!

Here are some ideas for a worry free holiday on beautiful St. Lucia:

Anse Chastanet – Perhaps the most beautiful resort on the island, it’s not exclusively an “all inclusive”, but the resort does offer a special Total Romance Package that is synonymous with all inclusive. If you don’t mind the expense then splurge on this St. Lucia all inclusive and get treated like a star. The resort is comprised of 37 rooms scattered among the hilltops and an additional 12 beach side suites for those who want the sounds of the ocean to lull and relax them. The hillside rooms have sweeping views of St. Lucia’s Piton mountains or of the private beaches and the turquoise sea. Total Romance Packages include too much to mention here, but here’s a sampling; 1 hour Swedish massage, 1/2 day on the resorts Yacht, all meals and drinks, several guided tours around the island sights, snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing and a bottle of French champagne.

Rendezvous – This is not just a St. Lucia all inclusive resort, but has been designed for couples only, making it the perfect romantic getaway. No kids, no singles, just couples coming together and enjoying the intimacy and serenity that Rendezvous offers. This is a small boutique type resort and is set along miles of white sugar sand beach, making it the quintessential Caribbean getaway. In fact, it was opened in 1966 with just that purpose in mind and up to today it stays true to its roots of providing the perfect Caribbean getaway for discerning couples.

Sandals – Sandals is synonymous with luxury all inclusive vacations and those coming to St. Lucia have a choice of not just one or two Sandals, but 3 different Sandals resorts. Sandals Grand St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort is the newest Sandals located on St. Lucia and promises the heights of luxury and views of the mountains and seas that will steal your soul.

Sandals Regency St. Lucia Golf Resort & Spa is part of Sandals Signature Spa Collection and is perfect for those who want to combine romance and activity in their St. Lucia all inclusive experience. Sandals Halycon Beach St. Lucia is a quiet and secluded getaway for couples to experience intimacy and romance.

So there you have 3 (actually 5) amazing choices for a St. Lucia all inclusive getaway. Each one has it’s own special charms and attractions, but all of them offer you the relaxation and stress free escape from life that you can only get with a Caribbean all inclusive holiday.

Ways To Find Good Vacation Deals

Planning a vacation can be very difficult and stressful, especially during a time of economic turmoil such as this.  While vacation deals are common—as companies are trying to find new ways to entice consumers to leave their homes and visit their resort, theme park, or other attraction—how much you save does not always matter when money is tight.  Still, good travel packages are worth looking into because you will get a feel for what is available and for who is paying attention to the needs and wants of the consumer.  You can also get an idea about the price of things and then make a plan to save your money until you can afford that trip you need during this time of high stress and anxiety.

Good vacation deals will allow you to purchase many of the aspects of your trip at one time, which eliminates much of the guess work.  With one simple price you know what to expect before you ever leave your house.  Furthermore, these deals always vary so you can choose which expenses you want to cover up front depending on either your willingness or ability to spend “x” amount of dollars on your vacation.  Knowing what to expect is important to many people, especially those who may have been feeling the crunch for some time now.  A quick example of this is when you find a package online that allows you to book your airfare, hotel room, and rental car in one transaction.  Sometimes you can even find offers that allow you to add attraction tickets or even food vouchers to your travel package for increased savings and convenience!

Of course, these are the most common ways to find vacation deals, but they aren’t the only options.  Many theme parks, for example, will give you a discount if you purchase multiple days.  Some of these parks will also let you spread these days out over several months so that you don’t have to spend all three or five days in a row doing the same things.  While you might enjoy riding the same rides over and over again, you might prefer to come back again in six or eight months or share the experience with a loved one.  Similarly, some parks also let you purchase meal plans that make it easier to enjoy your dining experience in their theme park since you don’t have to worry about what you will eat and when.

You will also find some pretty awesome vacation deals in the form of all-inclusive packages aboard cruise lines.  These options let you purchase your entire trip, which includes leaving the port and returning home and unlimited access to food and entertainment while aboard the ship for the entire duration of your trip.  Some cruises even include an evening or two at a hotel in one of the port cities along the way.  Of course, this all depends on whether you choose a quick 3-day cruise or something much longer, like one that lasts 8-days or longer.

How To Find Cheap Vacation Packages

Just because you might be dealing with a change in circumstance this summer, doesn’t mean that you automatically have to cancel your annual family vacation.  Sure, money is tight right now, but that’s actually pretty common and that means that airlines, hotels, travel agencies, theme parks, and tourist attractions alike all know that it could be very difficult for most people to make the same reservations that they always make.  This puts you at an advantage because with a little work you can find some incredibly cheap vacation packages on the internet.

The first place you are apt to look—and you rightfully should—is at one of the many travel sites that are quickly available online.  These sites provide many benefits.  First of all, they make it very easy to compare the rates of each airline or hotels that they partner with so you can find the best prices at a glance.  Many of these sites also have special contracts to offer vacant rooms at extremely low prices because hotels hate it when they have empty rooms.  To prevent this, then, they occasionally offer their rooms at ridiculous rates, which you can only find through these sites.

Travel sites also market associated offers from their affiliate partners that provide you with some options that you may not have considered already.  For example, you might be able to find alternate routes for your flight, routes that might be a little out of the way but are much lower in price.

Travel sites might also offer you some ideas for cheap vacation packages that are only available when you purchase your flight and hotel at the same time.  This makes perfect sense since you are probably going to end up doing that anyway!  You might even be able to find more deals as you add more things to your itinerary:  theme park tickets, a rental car reservation, dining accommodations, etc.  Sometimes, the more you add, the more you save!

Another way to set up cheap vacation packages is to try to find reservations that are all-inclusive.  This means that you pay one time and it covers your travel expenses, lodging accommodations, food expenses, and perhaps a few other things, depending on the details of the package.  For example, some theme parks allow you to purchase airfare, a hotel room, and tickets at a discounted price when you book them all at the same time.  In many cases you will have to purchase multiple days, but this is associated with buying in bulk—buy more days and save more money.

In light of the all-inclusive idea, then, you should also make sure that you consider things like 3- to 8-day cruises in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean.  With these cheap vacation packages you buy one ticket and never have to worry about anything for as long as you are aboard the ship.  You can come and go from your suite freely and you can eat whatever you want, whenever you get a craving.


Why You Should Take Caribbean Vacations

Every year people all over the United Statesclamor around to get the most out of their vacation days from work.  This is time that may be spent driving to a local attraction, visiting relatives at a distance, or travelling to exotic locations across the world.  Of course, no matter how you choose to spend this time, you will need to factor in the cost of doing so, and that is not necessarily something easy to do in a down economy.  There is one way you can save some money without having to skimp on the quality of your vacation:  find discounts on all-inclusive Caribbean vacations.

All-inclusive Caribbean vacations are an excellent option for people who love to travel the world and do not want to worry about the cost.  Basically, you pay for the entire trip up front and then all you have to do is enjoy yourself.  Whether you put the cost of the entire trip on your credit card or you pay save up all year and pay for it one big chunk of savings you will know that you can simply enjoy your accommodations without concern of the cost once you are on board.  Your ticket will cover the cost of your airfare and your hotel room and perhaps even your food.

Of all the Caribbean vacations available, you will likely find that the most attractive is the cruise.  The all-inclusiveCaribbean cruise is one of the most exotic, diverse, and simply enjoyable vacation ideas currently available in the industry.  You can choose how many days you want to be away from home (sometimes as little as 3-days or up to a week or more), leaving from some of the most exotic ports in the world.  Be sure to pay attention, though, to whether or not the cost of your adventure also includes the price of airfare.

Aboard your all-inclusive cruise, the Caribbean vacations you will enjoy will include your room/accommodation, meals, and activities.  This is very important to remember, particularly if you have never taken a vacation where everything is paid for in advance.  For example, you may not be used to the idea that you have access to food 24-hours a day.  This takes the pressure of you and your family to eat on a schedule or according to your available budget.  You can roll out of bed when you are done sleeping and make your way to the dining hall at your convenience.  Need a midnight snack?  No problem, food is available.

It is also important to remember that when you take all-inclusive Caribbean vacations, especially aboard one of the popular cruise lines, your entertainment is also included.  That means you can get access to Broadway-style live shows and cabaret performances, popularHollywood movies, live music, and other pleasurable distractions to soothe your creative faculties.  You can also participate in a variety of activities in order to keep your body in motion:  dance classes, various sports, and games and leisure activities that are sure to always keep a smile on your face.

Why You Should Consider St. Kitts

Millions of people look forward to taking at least one exotic, deeply-involving vacation every year or two.  Selecting a vacation destination, then, is something that this population of people greatly looks forward to, regardless of the stressful process that can often accompany it.  Still, despite the stress that goes along with it, booking a vacation and making the appropriate arrangements is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have, especially if you are booking your next trip to the intoxicating Caribbean Island of St. Kitts.

St. Kitts is one of the most seductive, secluded, and mysterious vacation destinations in theCaribbeanIslands.  When Christopher Columbus first came across this island in 1493 he reported a population of native tribes that were flourishing; of course, that was until 1623, when European colonists began settling there.  What the British discovered is that this island, among the other islands in theCaribbean archipelago, is that it is in a strategic location along the extremely lucrative sugar trade routes.  Of course, the island, on its own, was also a promising place for further development of luxurious vacation accommodations.

When you arrive on the islandof St. Kitts you will quickly learn that this island has been a popular vacation destination for a very long time.  This is evident by the nearly 30 resorts and 17 restaurants that populate the island.  That means you will have your choice of accommodation for your stay on the island.  Whether you prefer mornings on the beach and evenings at the spa or spending all day on the golf course and then having an exotically delicious, late dinner with someone you love, you will find everything you could need or want, right at your fingertips.  You may also appreciate that some of these resorts are owned and operated by the biggest and best international brand names in the travel industry.

Regardless of where you stay, you will also appreciate that the islandof St. Kitts also promises you all kinds of adventure, culture, and history.  For example, take an afternoon exploring the rainforests as one-quarter of the island is preserved as a National Park.  Of course, this should make perfect sense since each of the resorts lies nestled within the jungle, between lush mountains, or along one of the pristine beaches.  You may also appreciate knowing that this is one of the few places that is populated with tourist destinations where the rainforest is still expanding (and not shrinking from industrial development).

Aside from the National Park, though, St. Kitts is also home to all kinds of places to explore.  Consider, for example, hiking through the Valley of Giants and taking a zip line across the gorge to rest within the cradle of Sofa Rock, a volcano that still smolders 1000 feet above sea level.  Because of all the immensely majestic views and the cultured history (once called the Gibraltar of the West Indies because of its relevance in battles of the 18th century), this island has also been honored with partial restoration and World Heritage Site designation of Fort Brimstone.





How To Take Cheap Vacations Without Skimping On Joy

Let’s be honest:  this is a tough time for just about everyone.  The job market might be improving, but that does not necessarily mean that we are all out of the woods quite yet.  Even those who have steady jobs are still feeling the money crunch that has befallen the global economy over the past few years.  This, of course, has resulted in a lot more stress and anxiety across the world which means that more and more people feel like they need a break from it all.  Of course, the money crunch doesn’t make it very easy to take a vacation.  Fortunately, travel agencies and other private industries are finding ways to make cheap vacations more readily available to the general public.
Indeed the global economic slowdown has increased the need for cheap vacations.  The travel industry has already suffered enough from the recession, but some resorts, some hotel companies, some airlines and travel agencies have figured out how to make travel more enticing to people in a wide variety of ways.


One of the most immediate ways that you can save money with cheap vacations is to purchase a package.  This usually bundles airfare and hotel rooms in one convenient price.  Sometimes you can even get a rental car included too.  Not only does this give you discounts through various travel sites, but it removes the strain of having to do it all separately (and, perhaps more importantly, pay for them separately).  This allows you to focus on making other arrangements with your travel companions—whether a spouse, your immediate family, or a group of friends—as to which attractions you will visit, etc.  As a matter of fact, you can sometimes find travel packages that also give you discounts on attraction tickets too!


If you like to visit theme parks or other kinds of tourist attractions, you should also know that these places usually offer discounts when you purchase tickets for multiple days.  If you are trying to take cheap vacations this year, then you should definitely take a look at this option.  Some theme parks even let you use your alternate days at different times of the year so long as you purchase them in advance.


If you have a decent amount of money saved up for this year’s holiday season but you still want to get the most bang for your buck then you might want to investigate cruise packages to the Caribbean, Latin America, or the Mediterranean.  Cruise lines give you access to cheap vacations where all your accommodations and attractions are covered with your price.  You will get access to various kinds of food (often for as long as 24-hours a day) as well as a choice of suite size and customization.  Entertainment and attractions are also included, which means you can play volleyball, hit the gym, play shuffleboard, attend a Broadway-style show, listen to live music, watch movies, or any of a handful of other ways to enjoy yourself.


Why To Consider A Vacation To the Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean Islands are among the most popular vacation destinations in the world.  Every year millions of people flock to this archipelago to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life in the big city.  Once you see the clear, turquoise water surrounding the islands in theCaribbean Sea and the pristine beaches that line these islands it is easy to see why.  Of course, beaches alone do not make for the perfect vacation; but there are many other reasons why theCaribbean is an ideal place for an exotic weekend getaway or a week of escape from the stresses of everyday life.

One of the best ways to enjoy the Caribbean Islands is to book an all-inclusive vacation package.  When you do this you will enjoy not only travel aboard a luxurious airline and accommodations with an incredible resort along one of those amazing shorelines, but also the peace of mind knowing that once you board your plane, you won’t have to worry about a thing (because everything from the place where you lay your head to the food you can eat is covered by the cost of your ticket).

When you are thinking about booking an all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean Islands you should consider what kind of resort you want to visit and what you think you might want to do while there.  If you just want to relax or sit on the beach, obviously, you have your pick of the litter as all resorts in theCaribbean will provide you with convenient beach access.  However, you should also ask yourself if you will access to a spa so you can get a soothing massage or rejuvenating skin treatment.

The Caribbean Islands is also home to a vastly diverse culture.  This is a place where British, Dutch, Spanish, French, Danish, and American travelers have converged over time, which has resulted in the blending of the luxuries of the New World with the charm and traditions of theOld World to create something incredibly unique.  You might, then, consider a vacation package that gives you access to a tour of the classical architecture, historical buildings, European-cobblestone streets, and the cosmopolitan cityscape in order to enjoy all that these islands have to offer:  centuries-old history, fusion cuisine, world-class shopping, and dazzling night life culture.  Don’t forget

Along with experiencing the progression of mankind, the Caribbean Islands also lets you enjoy all that nature has to offer.  Along with the beaches that they are known for, you should also consider checking out the lush, green mountains, diverse nature reserves, fertile and bustling rain forests and jungles.  Book a date with a hiking guide who could take you horseback riding or traversing on foot through the Puerto Rican rivers of El Yunque National Rainforest, or to climb the volcanic peaks of Piton onSt. Lucia.  Perhaps you prefer to explore underwater, in which case you might want to venture toBonzaireNationalMarinePark or to watch the gorgeous sunset from atop the cliffs ofJamaica.


St. Lucia Provides Practically Everything For Tourists

A favorite tropical destination for many tourists, St. Lucia is a delightful island sandwiched between Martinique and St. Vincent. It is the largest of the Windward Islands. One of the most tropical islands in the Caribbean, the mango-shaped St. Lucia has an engaging mix of cultures, Caribbean, Creole, French and British values all mixed into the island. Even with such a mixture of different cultures, English is the official language and with some Creole patois mixed in.


The island has long relied on its agriculture, mainly bananas, as its main form of economy. After suffering a crisis in its cash crops, Saint Lucia is trying to become more of a tropical resort island with its many beach resorts and luxurious hotels scattering along the countless beaches.


The island’s port of Castries is best suited for the larger cruise ships and offers a wide variety of excursions for countless tourists it sees every given year. St. Lucia has been relatively safe for tourists who want to see and enjoy everything the island has to offer. They can either venture on their own through the well-used tracks to the beaches, peaks and the eye-catching volcano. However, first-time visitors can buy from the cruise ship and take an organized excursion, so they can learn all the history and culture of St. Lucia.


It is the classic one-day excursion, which has been argued to be the best one in the Caribbean. These tourists can learn about the best qualities of the island, through its history, culture, geography and geology. Probably the best moments of the excursion is the visit to the “drive-in” volcano cowering under the cone-shaped peaks. It is called the drive-in; because in the past, cars were allowed to drive underneath these peaks of lava coming out of the volcano.


At times along the excursion, the tourists are usually allowed to do some shopping for jewelry and other souvenirs. The cruise ships will use comfortable mini-buses for the transportation, so the tourists are more likely to return to the island.

St. Lucia has many other towns that provide the tourists a taste of the islands. The quaint town of Soufriere is nestled under the twin peaks and serves as the gateway to the seven-acre volcanic crater. Most tourists will feel overwhelmed by the unique rotten egg smell of the sulphur springs, which are the results of the volcanic eruption. The townspeople believe that the dormant volcano is safe. There was an eruption back in 1766, but the town has not seen any activity since then.


Besides these breath-taking excursions, the Caribbean island provides that sunny beach for snorkeling and sailing. The most popular beach is the Reduit Beach on the Rodney Bay. It provides many facilities, such as restaurants to water sports.


St. Lucia is a great vacation spot for Americans and other tourists. It provides almost any activity that people may want. Sightseeing, snorkeling, whale-watching and deep-sea fishing are just some of these activities. It will keep the tourists coming back for more.

St. Lucia All Inclusive Honeymoon

Why choose a St. Lucia all inclusive honeymoon package? There are certain very special moments in our lives, one of them is honeymoon. Once you have decided to share your life with someone and want to give it a romantic start, you can always go on a honeymoon. It is not a ritual but a time to spend some pleasure moments with the one you love. This golden period can be made more special by choosing the right destination. People usually prefer to go to destinations that are far away so that they can spend quality time with their spouse. One such destination very popular when it comes to a honeymoon spot is St. Lucia.

Why Choose St. Lucia?

The city of St, Lucia has always attracted couples who love adventure and fun. The island is a paradise in itself as it carries some of the most celebrated natural beauty and wildlife. St. Lucia is an island belonging to the chain of Windward Islands. It is placed in the middle of the Eastern Caribbean chain. It resembles the Hawaii islands so much so that it comes to be known as the “little Hawaii”.

St. Lucia honeymoon offers

The resorts in St. Lucia have many facilities to offer to couples throughout the year.
Some of them are as under:

• The Sandals Resort has a special honeymoon package offer that allows the couple to be served with a bottle of wine followed by rose petals at their service during first night and a breakfast in the morning with fresh flowers.

• Rendezvous St. Lucia has a lot in store for the couples coming there. They get welcomed with a fruit basket and a show of the native tropical flowers. A bottle of champagne followed by a well arranged dinner is the speciality of this resort.

• Almond Morgan Bay has a lot in store for the couples that arrive there. The guests are provided with a champagne bottle and a fruit basket on arrival. An added feature is that the couples get a free half an hour massage in the honeymoon package along with all the other facilities.


• For those who love privacy and independence, St. Lucia is the right place. The most popular honeymoon resort in St. Lucia is by far the Sandals resort. It is a group of three resorts and you have the independence to move around in all of them

• There are rooms available with a private pool attached to it at the Sandals resort and the Jade Mountain.
Fun Activities at St. Lucia

There are a number of activities you can do while staying at St. Lucia. Some fun and adventurous activities include:

• Waterfall discovery
• A private getaway
• A volcano highlight
• Whale watching experience
• Adventure sports
• Adventure cruise
• Deep sea fishing

The island has to offer a plethora of activities and many tourist spots when you do a St. Lucia all inclusive experience. You can relax and take your time to experience the natural wonders and the wildlife associated with the island. For an unforgettable experience and memories that last a lifetime come and experience a honeymoon at St. Lucia.