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My Husband Loves What I Bought for Him

I was watching a popular reality show on TV where different people compete for start-up funds for their new business venture. One night, I was watching he show when these guys came on and mentioned that they make wooden bow ties for a living. I was taken aback at first, because that seemed so odd. But when they guys showed what they looked like on, I was instantly smitten. I just knew my husband would love to wear one himself.

I found myself navigating online to find the company’s website. I found it rather quickly. I was really pleased with the price of the ties. I had assumed that because they were pieces of art, so to speak, they would be really expensive. Continue reading

How Attorneys Generate Leads for Mass Tort Marketing Campaigns

Stores can get leads from lead generating companies. Brand new companies can get leads using social media. There are even strong sales potentials for the traditional mail campaigns using name and address leads. The key to the best leads is proper demographics. Say, for example, you want 50 year old men who want or do own motorcycles. Well, having only half of the demographic is not going to help you. That is how you end up with churn when you run your leads. As a firm of attorneys, we looked at for mass tort lead generation. We wanted a specific demographic for a specific litigation that was in the works. It seems like it is easier to get leads for customers who are buying products as in our motorcycle example. Continue reading

Making Sure Their Workers Are Protected

The United States military has members in a number of different countries. Sometimes, they require assistance that does not come through the military itself. There are American corporations who will send workers overseas to help the military on their bases. These can be laborers for construction, electricians, computer experts, medical personnel and a number of others as well. Just because they are helping out on a military base does not mean they get military benefits though. When a corporation sends someone overseas, it is their responsibility to make sure that the person has Defense Base Act insurance. Continue reading

We Need a Carbon Neutral Environment

Bill Gates has a lot of money and power. So when he gives the American public a wake-up call, as he recently did, people listen. In February, Gates announced that his top priority is getting the world to zero climate emissions. The way to achieve this objective: create a global society that uses only climate-neutral energy. That’s a pretty tall order. This is why electricity providers in Texas have been doing what they can to help create a carbon neutral environment.

Gates promised to use his philanthropic foundation to improve public health and help alleviate poverty, and news reports say that it’s precisely because he wants to improve the lives of vulnerable people that he believes climate change is the most important challenge for the world to address. In his speech, he said we need to eliminate carbon emissions and achieve no net emissions in the developed world by the year 2050. Continue reading

How Much Does a Home Automation System Cost You?

I have been thinking about my budget and what I can afford. Most of all I am looking at ways in which I can save money and I have been trying to figure out how much money you save from getting a home automation system. The theory behind these systems is that you use it to control your power consumption and you save money from it. However I am not really sure how much you can cut your power bill and whether it is worth it. For example the system ADT sells is called Pulse and they advertise it for right at 28 dollars a month. I am not really sure if that is like a car payment or if it is monthly monitoring fee. That makes sense when you are talking about a home security system. Continue reading

Planning a Trip to New Zealand

I have started thinking about taking Marta to New Zealand. It is sort of a bucket list type of thing and we are going to be able to afford it. I have been looking at the type of place where you have a lot of options and a nice quiet place to stay. We have been looking at the Greenstone lodge features. I am not sure where I started out looking at that place, but it seems to be the sort of place like we are looking for. Of course it is not as though you have any place in New Zealand which is going to be hectic. Even the largest cities in the country are relatively small. Almost one third of the country’s population is in Auckland and that is only a bit more than a million people. Of course that is not very crowded, because they have a huge amount of area in the city limits of Auckland. Wellington is the second largest population center and it does not quite reach four hundred thousand people.

The Greenstone Lodge is in Queenstown, or near it and that is just a small town by the standards of where I come from. The town itself only has about sixteen thousand people and the district has another thirteen thousand, so the entire area has less than 30 thousand people. It is really beautiful as you can see from looking at the pictures on their web page. They have just about every sort of outdoor activity that you could imagine in this area, obviously because it is a holiday destination which specializes in that sort of outdoor adventure tourist. We are not exactly that. For example we are not thinking about bungy jumping from a ski lift gondola, but we do like to hike.

Started Planning the Next Vacation

We already have our next trip planned, it will probably be a pretty long one and we have pretty much decided that we are going to travel in the Mediterranean Sea area. I was thinking about going to Egypt a couple of years ago and as much as I would love to do that, the situation there is just too volatile at this point in time. We can not make up our mind about a trip to the Holy Land either. It does seem to be relatively safe, but things could change. Inga is talking about yoga in greece, of course she found something that would have something for me to try before she suggested it. They have both yoga and scuba diving and I have done a pretty good bit of scuba diving in my life. Continue reading

Going Abroad and Using a Train

My dad and I decided that we would go on a missionary trip to India where we would be able to spend a lot of time riding the train around, we knew that it was a very different system than where we came from in New York City. I thought that it was a lot of fun that we could check from our cell phones to see when the trains were going to be at our next station. There were a lot of people that said that they were not sure if we should take the trains since they were so crowded and full of people that were beggars.