Finding the Perfect Home for Us

When my husband decided to start his own business nearly six years ago, neither one of us could have imagined where we would be today. We figured that he had a good idea that would be successful, but we were only imagining moderate success. We were not expecting to go from having a large amount of debt to becoming millionaires. We have given a lot back because we have been so blessed, but we finally decided to do something for us too. I looked at some Pebble Beach homes for sale when we decided that it was time to upgrade our home.

My husband has always wanted to give me the home of my dreams, and it was almost too hard to believe all of the options open to us now. When he suggested that I look at the Pebble Beach area, I knew that this was real and that I didn’t have to pinch myself. We have two children, but we are hoping to adopt at least one or two more kids in the next year, so I definitely wanted a house that has a lot of bedrooms. I found a website where I was able to customize my search so I could look at homes that have a minimum amount of both bedrooms and bathrooms.

I knew as soon as I saw one listing that it was the home that we were meant to have. Not only is the home outstanding just in appearance, but it is situated on several acres, so I knew that it would give us the privacy that we both crave. We want to raise our children as normally as possible, which means keeping them out of the limelight. After seeing the pictures of the gorgeous house, I told my husband that it was the one we needed to get.

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