Food Emergency Saved by Online Delivery

I was planning on having a dinner party for my friends a week ago. I bought some meat in advance to cook, and thought everything would be fine, but there was a snag in my plans. There had been a recall on that brand of meat, meaning that I either had to buy some new meat to cook or think of something else. I was at work when I found out about the recall, so I didn’t have time to get the meat. Instead, I placed an order for online delivery in Jakarta with a delivery company. I wanted them to get the new meat for me from the store and deliver it to my home, so once I got there, I would be ready to cook it.

The delivery company came through for me and once I got home, the box of meat was right on my doorstep. I started cooking with the new meat and the other ingredients that I had already bought. I had just enough time to put the meat in the oven, take a shower, and get dressed before the guests started to arrive for the dinner party. I had some appetizers ready for the guests to eat while the main dish was cooking.

Although things almost ended badly for my dinner party, thanks to the delivery company, I was able to save it. The next time I decide to have a dinner party, I’ll keep the delivery company in mind just in case I need them. I’ll probably avoid getting meat all together to avoid another recall. Then again, some other product might be recalled and I’ll still be in the same boat as last time. Maybe I’ll use the delivery company some other time during the week when I need some food and am still at work.

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