Hard Times and Silver Linings

Before I learned about Dominion in East Ohio, I was worried about how I would continue to pay my bills each month. I was living paycheck to paycheck and barely able to keep everything on, when one day I lost my job. The factory where I worked at said that they would have to save costs by moving some of the jobs overseas, and my job was one of the ones that were cut. I didn’t know how to react to the news at first. I was angry, devastated, heartbroken, and every other terrible emotion under the sun at the same time.

The grief didn’t end at the news of finding out I lost my job. I barely had any money in savings, and the due date for my bills was coming soon. With no way to pay the bills, everything would be shut off, and I would eventually lose my home. I submitted job applications and was rejected on all of them. I had to do odd jobs around the community to make enough money to keep everything going. I cancelled my gas service because I couldn’t afford to pay it, leaving me with only cold water coming through the pipes.

While I was down on my luck, I learned about Dominion and contacted them. I told them about my situation and they were able to work a plan out with me. They let me pay a reduced rate for gas based on the amount of income I had. When my income increases, the rate goes up to a regular rate. This was a silver lining in my cloudy weather, because I was able to have hot water again. I submitted more job applications, and was contacted for an interview, which led to me getting a new job with higher pay than my factory job.

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