How Attorneys Generate Leads for Mass Tort Marketing Campaigns

Stores can get leads from lead generating companies. Brand new companies can get leads using social media. There are even strong sales potentials for the traditional mail campaigns using name and address leads. The key to the best leads is proper demographics. Say, for example, you want 50 year old men who want or do own motorcycles. Well, having only half of the demographic is not going to help you. That is how you end up with churn when you run your leads. As a firm of attorneys, we looked at for mass tort lead generation. We wanted a specific demographic for a specific litigation that was in the works. It seems like it is easier to get leads for customers who are buying products as in our motorcycle example. It is a bit tougher to get leads of a particular niche class of people who can be any age, gender or ethnicity.

We needed people who used a specific product or had people or loved ones in their care who had used it. We needed to further refine that to people who suspected they or their loved ones were injured in some way by the product. The litigation would apply only to that class, and those are the ones we were seeking to be our clients. We were not the only firm that was representing clients in the litigation. There were other firms out there using different methods for their lead generation. Another reason we went to, was that they do not cross the competitive boundaries. In other words, they were not going to generate leads for us and a competing firm. I think there are a lot of companies out there that do that. We needed a professional firm that could generate solid leads with minimal churn for a big marketing campaign. That is why we chose X Social Media.

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