How Much Does a Home Automation System Cost You?

I have been thinking about my budget and what I can afford. Most of all I am looking at ways in which I can save money and I have been trying to figure out how much money you save from getting a home automation system. The theory behind these systems is that you use it to control your power consumption and you save money from it. However I am not really sure how much you can cut your power bill and whether it is worth it. For example the system ADT sells is called Pulse and they advertise it for right at 28 dollars a month. I am not really sure if that is like a car payment or if it is monthly monitoring fee. That makes sense when you are talking about a home security system. You obviously need someone to respond when you have a breach in security. The whole system revolves around having a human to figure out what the situation is and how to react to an alarm. I do not really see why you would pay a monthly fee for the home automation, although I am sure that the people who provide them are going to be able to provide a rational reason. You can get these systems from a lot of vendors though. Time Warner cable has them and Google has bought up companies which provide these sorts of devices. You can go out on the Internet and find a lot of places to buy the hardware. It is going to be pretty easy for me to think that I can do it all on my own, but I should not rush into that. There are a lot of moving parts to such a system and the big thing is that you want to integrate everything to work together.

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