I Have a New Girlfrind Now

It was sort of a strange way to meet a girlfriend. The boss decided that I need to work on my personality, since my job involves a lot of aspects where I need to convince other people to do stuff that involves risk. He sent me to this place called Koi Pond Development, which works on things like personal development in Singapore. The idea is that they want me to be more confident, which in turn is supposed to make other people more confident in the stuff that I am saying. You are selling people on something that the other person needs, but he is going to take a risk in going along with the real problems in any deal. You have to be really good at conveying the idea that you are good at what you and that every word you say is the gospel truth. At least that is what the people in charge say. In fact they know that I have a good knowledge of the field and that is why they want to get me to be able to sell the stuff. Knowledge is a key thing, but then you need to get a grasp of what the client needs.

At any rate this girl was at the same place and we got to know one another. It turned out really well, especially for me. I am quite sure that she could get a boyfriend in about ten seconds if she tried. This girl really has all of the things you would want in a girlfriend. For starters she is very easy to look at, although she does not seem to think that she is as attractive as she is. Then she has a great personality, although she is shy. Of course it is nice to have a girl who does not mind picking up a check either.

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