It is Important to Figure out What You Want to Do Very Early on

Once I finally understood that I wanted to pursue a degree in engineering, I felt such a heavy weight lifted from my shoulders. I wrestled for quite a bit of time with figuring out what my major should be in. I’m in my third year of schooling now, and I’m really enjoying it. Just yesterday, I watched a Civil 3D tutorial to learn how to use software that I may be using in whatever job I land in the future. I found it fascinating. I hope that I continue to feel this way after I do get a full time job after graduation.

I had heard countless horror stories from other students that they knew what they wanted to major in as soon as they started college. They were eager to declare it right away and get to work quickly. Then, they would find in their third year of school that they were not a right fit for the degree that they were pursuing at all. Then, they were very upset to realize how many years worth of school they had wasted learning something that bored them, and now, they needed to start over again in some other field at school.

I personally struggled with it at first, too. I started out with the basics in school, and I explored every avenue I could to try to figure out what my schooling should focus on for a future career. There was more than one thing that I was interested in, so I wasn’t sure at first what I should focus on. But in the end, I decided to think about three things, which is having a high aptitude for math, building things and wanting to have a job that offered pay that would keep me from struggling in life financially. I’m luck that I’ve loved everything that I’ve learned so far.

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