My Husband Loves What I Bought for Him

I was watching a popular reality show on TV where different people compete for start-up funds for their new business venture. One night, I was watching he show when these guys came on and mentioned that they make wooden bow ties for a living. I was taken aback at first, because that seemed so odd. But when they guys showed what they looked like on, I was instantly smitten. I just knew my husband would love to wear one himself.

I found myself navigating online to find the company’s website. I found it rather quickly. I was really pleased with the price of the ties. I had assumed that because they were pieces of art, so to speak, they would be really expensive. But that was not the case, so I bought three of them. I bought one that has polka dots on it, another one had strips, and another one was just plain. Each of them are cut out of wood. I’m assuming that anyone reading my words would think that they look out of place when just hearing about them, but they are absolutely beautiful. I could not wait to get them in the mail.

I didn’t tell my hubby that I had ordered anything for him. I decided to just order and have it show up so that I could point out what I had bought him in a detailed way, after receiving them. I just knew that if I told him, it would be hard for him to really envision what they are. When I got them, he loved them immediately. In fact, he took me to dinner that night and wore one of them. The waiter immediately wanted to know where he could get one. Soon after that, the man at the next table over asked the same thing.

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