Our Telepresence Makes Our Employees Well Informed of All Changes in Our Corporate Environment

We built our corporation one piece at a time. We bought out a couple of companies and integrated them into our business too. We have facilities in four states and about 1,500 employees. In each place there was a mix of technologies for teleconferencing and holding meetings and training workshops. We had to hire Ruiz Morgan to implement our AV system integration services to bring everything together. We wanted pretty much a one button approach to having our meetings and training be held live and online as hosted from our corporate headquarters where our main Human Resources department is located.

We have to maintain annual training certifications for all employees. Plus, we have ongoing product and consumer updates that need to roll out to every department from research and development to our customer service center employees. Having a standard room in each facility that can hold all of the employees helps us to get everyone up to speed on the rapid changes in our industry without delay. Having all of the systems integrated to work together means no more delays or problems sending or receiving information.

We need to have a telepresence in each facility that is just like being there, and the AV system integration services accomplished that for us. They traveled to each location and gave us a quote to have every site set up exactly the same. It has changed everything in how we reach out to and train all of our employees. We can have everything from a small meeting with just a few managers to having the full workforce in each location present for a meeting. Our customer service approval has improved greatly now that information changes are made aware to everyone as fast as possible. This greatly cuts back the amount of callbacks and reduces confusion. If you have a business, you know how important accurate customer service information can be toward keeping your brand spoken well of by consumers.

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