Planning a Trip to New Zealand

I have started thinking about taking Marta to New Zealand. It is sort of a bucket list type of thing and we are going to be able to afford it. I have been looking at the type of place where you have a lot of options and a nice quiet place to stay. We have been looking at the Greenstone lodge features. I am not sure where I started out looking at that place, but it seems to be the sort of place like we are looking for. Of course it is not as though you have any place in New Zealand which is going to be hectic. Even the largest cities in the country are relatively small. Almost one third of the country’s population is in Auckland and that is only a bit more than a million people. Of course that is not very crowded, because they have a huge amount of area in the city limits of Auckland. Wellington is the second largest population center and it does not quite reach four hundred thousand people.

The Greenstone Lodge is in Queenstown, or near it and that is just a small town by the standards of where I come from. The town itself only has about sixteen thousand people and the district has another thirteen thousand, so the entire area has less than 30 thousand people. It is really beautiful as you can see from looking at the pictures on their web page. They have just about every sort of outdoor activity that you could imagine in this area, obviously because it is a holiday destination which specializes in that sort of outdoor adventure tourist. We are not exactly that. For example we are not thinking about bungy jumping from a ski lift gondola, but we do like to hike.

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