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st Lucia all inclusive

St Lucia all inclusive resorts

St Lucia all inclusive resort as some of the most beautiful in the world at this moment in time. St. Lucia is part of the the group of islands know as the the lesser Antilles, perching on the eastern border of the Caribbean sea. Bordering with the vast Atlantic ocean, it is truly a beautiful place to visit and if you ever get the opportunity to visit this St. Lucia do not pass it up. This Caribbean resort, boasts some very elegant beach resorts making it a great place to spend your well earned vacation.

St Lucia has been describe as a extremely desirable getaway destination, due to it climate and wonderful weather conditions. Having a trusted temperature of 84 degrees all year round, making these west Caribbean islands a fantastic place go and visit.

St Lucia all inclusive FAQ

1) Do the island resorts provide a internet service?

The majority st. lucia all inclusive resorts do offer some internet service, weather that is a wireless or a modem connection. All though st Lucia all inclusive does include food and drink but a internet is not usually included and you can be charged between $15.00 to $20.00 USD a day or in some places in can be as expensive as $7.50 USD for just a half hour.

2) What currency will I need to take on my st Lucia all inclusive vacation?

Well the current legal tender of Barbados is the Barbados Dollar or BD as it is abbreviated at your currency exchange. You can use your credit cards, travelers cheques and your US currency as it is accepted pretty much everywhere on the island. Although within your st Lucia all inclusive resort you will not need cash for food and drink.

3) What clothes should I pack for my st Lucia all inclusive vacation?

Well for your st Lucia all inclusive vacation, you will be in a tropical climate, so it is recommend that you pack light clothes that will help you keep cool in the warm temperatures. As for the dress code for your st Lucia all inclusive resort, it is common practice that you wear shoes, bath suits must be covered and men should wear shirts when you are dinning in the restaurants of the resorts, the usual dress code is smart casual.

4) Will I need to bring a special electrical outlet adapter?

No the electric current in Barbados is the same as the US and it has the same voltage too. So you can plug your electrical straight in, in your room.

5) Are there special entry requirements to Barbados?

Well the entry requirements vary from citizenship to citizenship, so I would recommend that you check with your appropriate state Department prior to travel to ensure you have the correct documentation. You will also need the usual in date US passport and airline ticket, you do not want  to forget these and risk spoiling your st lucia all inclusive vacation?

6) How does Daylight savings time effect st. Lucia?

As St Lucia is part of Barbados and is within the Atlantic time zone, it does not observe Daylight savings time.

7) How do I pick my st Lucia all inclusive resort?

Well this is down to your personal choice but to help you here is an article on st Lucia all inclusive tips to help you make the choice of where to stay.

8) What Language is Spoke in st Lucia?

The official language is English but the local st Lucian’s speak a a French Creole more commonly known as patios.

9) What is best to get about the island?

The easiest way to get around the island is via taxi, there are buses that run throughout the entire island but I would recommend a taxi as it is safer.

So why delay your st Lucia all inclusive vacation?

It is a brilliant destination to take your loved one, whether you are going with your partner or if you plan on take whole family a st Lucia all inclusive resort has everything you could want or need for the perfect vacation.

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