St. Lucia All Inclusive Honeymoon

Why choose a St. Lucia all inclusive honeymoon package? There are certain very special moments in our lives, one of them is honeymoon. Once you have decided to share your life with someone and want to give it a romantic start, you can always go on a honeymoon. It is not a ritual but a time to spend some pleasure moments with the one you love. This golden period can be made more special by choosing the right destination. People usually prefer to go to destinations that are far away so that they can spend quality time with their spouse. One such destination very popular when it comes to a honeymoon spot is St. Lucia.

Why Choose St. Lucia?

The city of St, Lucia has always attracted couples who love adventure and fun. The island is a paradise in itself as it carries some of the most celebrated natural beauty and wildlife. St. Lucia is an island belonging to the chain of Windward Islands. It is placed in the middle of the Eastern Caribbean chain. It resembles the Hawaii islands so much so that it comes to be known as the “little Hawaii”.

St. Lucia honeymoon offers

The resorts in St. Lucia have many facilities to offer to couples throughout the year.
Some of them are as under:

• The Sandals Resort has a special honeymoon package offer that allows the couple to be served with a bottle of wine followed by rose petals at their service during first night and a breakfast in the morning with fresh flowers.

• Rendezvous St. Lucia has a lot in store for the couples coming there. They get welcomed with a fruit basket and a show of the native tropical flowers. A bottle of champagne followed by a well arranged dinner is the speciality of this resort.

• Almond Morgan Bay has a lot in store for the couples that arrive there. The guests are provided with a champagne bottle and a fruit basket on arrival. An added feature is that the couples get a free half an hour massage in the honeymoon package along with all the other facilities.


• For those who love privacy and independence, St. Lucia is the right place. The most popular honeymoon resort in St. Lucia is by far the Sandals resort. It is a group of three resorts and you have the independence to move around in all of them

• There are rooms available with a private pool attached to it at the Sandals resort and the Jade Mountain.
Fun Activities at St. Lucia

There are a number of activities you can do while staying at St. Lucia. Some fun and adventurous activities include:

• Waterfall discovery
• A private getaway
• A volcano highlight
• Whale watching experience
• Adventure sports
• Adventure cruise
• Deep sea fishing

The island has to offer a plethora of activities and many tourist spots when you do a St. Lucia all inclusive experience. You can relax and take your time to experience the natural wonders and the wildlife associated with the island. For an unforgettable experience and memories that last a lifetime come and experience a honeymoon at St. Lucia.

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