St. Lucia Provides Practically Everything For Tourists

A favorite tropical destination for many tourists, St. Lucia is a delightful island sandwiched between Martinique and St. Vincent. It is the largest of the Windward Islands. One of the most tropical islands in the Caribbean, the mango-shaped St. Lucia has an engaging mix of cultures, Caribbean, Creole, French and British values all mixed into the island. Even with such a mixture of different cultures, English is the official language and with some Creole patois mixed in.


The island has long relied on its agriculture, mainly bananas, as its main form of economy. After suffering a crisis in its cash crops, Saint Lucia is trying to become more of a tropical resort island with its many beach resorts and luxurious hotels scattering along the countless beaches.


The island’s port of Castries is best suited for the larger cruise ships and offers a wide variety of excursions for countless tourists it sees every given year. St. Lucia has been relatively safe for tourists who want to see and enjoy everything the island has to offer. They can either venture on their own through the well-used tracks to the beaches, peaks and the eye-catching volcano. However, first-time visitors can buy from the cruise ship and take an organized excursion, so they can learn all the history and culture of St. Lucia.


It is the classic one-day excursion, which has been argued to be the best one in the Caribbean. These tourists can learn about the best qualities of the island, through its history, culture, geography and geology. Probably the best moments of the excursion is the visit to the “drive-in” volcano cowering under the cone-shaped peaks. It is called the drive-in; because in the past, cars were allowed to drive underneath these peaks of lava coming out of the volcano.


At times along the excursion, the tourists are usually allowed to do some shopping for jewelry and other souvenirs. The cruise ships will use comfortable mini-buses for the transportation, so the tourists are more likely to return to the island.

St. Lucia has many other towns that provide the tourists a taste of the islands. The quaint town of Soufriere is nestled under the twin peaks and serves as the gateway to the seven-acre volcanic crater. Most tourists will feel overwhelmed by the unique rotten egg smell of the sulphur springs, which are the results of the volcanic eruption. The townspeople believe that the dormant volcano is safe. There was an eruption back in 1766, but the town has not seen any activity since then.


Besides these breath-taking excursions, the Caribbean island provides that sunny beach for snorkeling and sailing. The most popular beach is the Reduit Beach on the Rodney Bay. It provides many facilities, such as restaurants to water sports.


St. Lucia is a great vacation spot for Americans and other tourists. It provides almost any activity that people may want. Sightseeing, snorkeling, whale-watching and deep-sea fishing are just some of these activities. It will keep the tourists coming back for more.

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