Why We Needed an Industrial Floor Scale

My husband and I started a recycling business nearly eight years ago. We were taking all of our scrap metal to the closest recycling center, which was an hour away. We live in an area where a lot of people do this, so we figured that we could get in on the action ourselves. We definitely had the property for it, since we have over 300 acres on our farm. We did have to buy some industrial floor scales because several of our customers bring in pallets of car batteries to be recycled for the lead in them.

Since each car battery can weight over 50 pounds, we knew that we would need an industrial scale to measure an accurate weight. I did some research online, and that is how I found 1800scales.com. This company has scales for any situation, including the industrial ones that we needed. We had talked to several people in the area before doing this, and we also talked with some environmentalists, because we knew that this was a huge undertaking. It has proven to be one that we were meant to do though, because we are busier than we could have ever imagined.

Our customers appreciate being able to come to our place rather than travel the hour to the one we used to go to. They can drive their truck right into the large barn that we have set up for accepting metals and other recyclables. Our forklifts will lift the pallets out of the trucks since they are pretty heavy, and the industrial floor scale gives an accurate measurement for the weight. It is much easier for all of us to have this right here in town, and we are saving them money and time both. Those are two commodities that we all want for ourselves rather than someone else!

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