Why You Should Consider St. Kitts

Millions of people look forward to taking at least one exotic, deeply-involving vacation every year or two.  Selecting a vacation destination, then, is something that this population of people greatly looks forward to, regardless of the stressful process that can often accompany it.  Still, despite the stress that goes along with it, booking a vacation and making the appropriate arrangements is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have, especially if you are booking your next trip to the intoxicating Caribbean Island of St. Kitts.

St. Kitts is one of the most seductive, secluded, and mysterious vacation destinations in theCaribbeanIslands.  When Christopher Columbus first came across this island in 1493 he reported a population of native tribes that were flourishing; of course, that was until 1623, when European colonists began settling there.  What the British discovered is that this island, among the other islands in theCaribbean archipelago, is that it is in a strategic location along the extremely lucrative sugar trade routes.  Of course, the island, on its own, was also a promising place for further development of luxurious vacation accommodations.

When you arrive on the islandof St. Kitts you will quickly learn that this island has been a popular vacation destination for a very long time.  This is evident by the nearly 30 resorts and 17 restaurants that populate the island.  That means you will have your choice of accommodation for your stay on the island.  Whether you prefer mornings on the beach and evenings at the spa or spending all day on the golf course and then having an exotically delicious, late dinner with someone you love, you will find everything you could need or want, right at your fingertips.  You may also appreciate that some of these resorts are owned and operated by the biggest and best international brand names in the travel industry.

Regardless of where you stay, you will also appreciate that the islandof St. Kitts also promises you all kinds of adventure, culture, and history.  For example, take an afternoon exploring the rainforests as one-quarter of the island is preserved as a National Park.  Of course, this should make perfect sense since each of the resorts lies nestled within the jungle, between lush mountains, or along one of the pristine beaches.  You may also appreciate knowing that this is one of the few places that is populated with tourist destinations where the rainforest is still expanding (and not shrinking from industrial development).

Aside from the National Park, though, St. Kitts is also home to all kinds of places to explore.  Consider, for example, hiking through the Valley of Giants and taking a zip line across the gorge to rest within the cradle of Sofa Rock, a volcano that still smolders 1000 feet above sea level.  Because of all the immensely majestic views and the cultured history (once called the Gibraltar of the West Indies because of its relevance in battles of the 18th century), this island has also been honored with partial restoration and World Heritage Site designation of Fort Brimstone.





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